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Become a Pro Cartoonist in 12 easy steps!

Become a professional published cartoonist in just three months!

   Start Drawing Cartoons Today!

Top American cartoonist, Lou Darvas, shows you the BIG secrets about the world of drawing cartoons in this outstanding course - Techniques that only a few people teach, yet everyone wants to know - Tricks that will enable you to become expert in just a few days!

With over 1000 illustrations, and techniques, it's also a great refresher course and resource book for established cartoonists.

Discover how to master the world of cartooning...


A course by Lou Darvas

Lou Darvas will show you ALL his little-known tricks, including...

   How to "loosen up" and QUICKLY turn your doodles into cartoons (page 3)
   Creating a comic character in seconds - even if you can only draw stick figures! (p 38)
   How to create a complete comic figure, from early sketch to polished drawing (page 46)
   EARN a FORTUNE and become the center of every party, by creating caricatures (page 98)

   The comic head and the THREE SECRET WAYS to draw them! (page 11)
   The difficult "hand"... and how to use progressive drawing to make it simple! (page 27)
   How to create your own LIVELY comic strip (page 112)
   How to draw animals (p65) - and make a fortune in the niche world of animal sketching!

   "Stock types" and why they are a cartoonist's BEST FRIEND (page 78)
   Why most artists misunderstand "perspective"... and the secret to using "VP" (p 88)
   How to create professional comic lettering and voice bubbles  (page 97)
   A STEP-BY-STEP METHOD of creating "Gag Panel" cartoons (page 102)

   Discover the tricks to making your pictures come ALIVE (page 51)
   Getting to grips with sports cartoons - and how it made Lou Darvas famous! (page 122)
   How to draw political cartoons that'll make the history books (page 136)
   How you can make BIG MONEY with newspaper feature drawings (page 144)

This TWELVE STEP GUIDE to success will show you EVERYTHING you need to know to become a professional cartoonist in literally minutes. And it's JAM-PACKED with content. The course includes an amazing 1028 hand drawn illustrations and 174 pages of quality content. It even includes contributions for top cartoonists such as George Wolfe, Haff Nelson, Frank O'Neal, and H.M. Talburt.

If you're even REMOTELY interested in drawing cartoons -- for fun or profit -- then you MUST HAVE this book. Miss it and you're missing out on a mass of BIG secrets!

YOUR FREE GIFT, from Lou Darvas!

Not only does Lou Darvas want to teach you ALL of his secrets, he ALSO wants to give you a TOTALLY FREE GIFT.

When you decide to try the exciting "Draw Cartoons Today!" course, you'll receive a BONUS "Cheat's Guide" to submitting your work to the top industry markets, as part of step 12.

No longer will you wonder WHERE to submit your cartoons: inside this course, we've included EVERYTHING you need to get started in the quickest time possible. It's downloadable or shipped Free as a CD-ROM.

For all the information about the course and for your free gift please Click Here!