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Welcome! The best kept secrets of top cartoonist Lou Darvas, brilliant author Nick Daws and Bill Asprey the Love is...artist and founder of Cartoon World are all available to you as instant downloads and mail free CDs to help you to cartooning and writing success!


You could make an extra income from Cartooning!

Top American cartoonist, Lou Darvas, shows you the BIG secrets about the world of drawing cartoons in this outstanding course - Techniques that only a few people teach, yet everyone wants to know - Tricks that could enable you to become expert in just a few days and start making money!  Click Here!

Master the art of Caricarture and make money!

The Lou Darvas Course course includes over 1000 drawings and illustrations and a brilliant section on caricaturing to help you start making money from cartoons and caricatures! For more information Click Here!


Gain an unfair advantage with your cartooning!

Bill Asprey the Founder of Cartoon World and Love is...artist, invites you to join Cartoon World and gain the chance to talk to a professional cartoonist about your work. Get on-going invaluable advice from a professional cartoonist whenever you need it, plus a host of other benefits. Turbo charge your cartooning to the next level!

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Nick Daws brilliant writing course!


Make quick money - Quick Cash Writing Course shows you how!

Acclaimed best selling writer Nick Daws shows you the SECRETS to making quick money writing! - Click Here!

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This brilliant writing course by Nick Daws shows you how to write a full lenght book in under a month! - Click Here!

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